I would like to tell you about the products that I have in mind and in which I am working to take them to the store on the web. By this I mean books, board games, comics, clothes, mugs, posters, figures and other merchandising objects. There will be more in the future, but for now we will stick to these.

1. Books

For me, books are the most important of all, because they are the basis on which all my work is based. This does not mean that the rest of the products are not important to me, because they all are and are in the store because I like them. I would not let something that I did not like remain on this website. I assure you that.

The books are fully created by me. This means that I am the one who writes, designs and models it. Only one illustrator is responsible for drawing the cover and several translators translate it into more languages ​​besides Spanish (my native language and in which they are originally written). As a result of this product all the others come out, which I also love to create.

2. Games

They are very important to me. The games will be based on the universe of Dreams Of Mana. This category covers several types of products. Currently I am not working directly in any of them, they require a budget that is not yet available. However, I do work on them from time to time, with the idea that in the future these ideas will be put into effect definitively. The products that embark this section are the board games (which include dice, cards and boards), as well as video games, something that would be even further. Anyway from TaleWare we are working to create a crowdfunding system integrated into the web shop, where these projects can reach their budget to see the light.

As in the books, I fully take care of the design and production of each board game, being helped in tasks of illustration and layout. In the case of video games, a larger team would enter to the production.

3. Comics

I love comics, but in this case I would only be in charge of the script, while its design would be relieved by other specialized artists. The content of these comics will vary around the saga Dreams Of Mana, but mostly will deal with the stories of some of the characters.

4. Clothing and merchandising in general

If you like Dreams Of Mana you can complement some of your orders with various items such as clothes, mugs, posters or figures among others. All of them are related to the saga and are of the best quality. I have also participated in the design of all of them.

5. And…

And for now these would be the products that you will see soon in the store. With time they will be arriving even more, thus expanding the catalog. I have many ideas in my head, but that is not enough, the budget and the viability of the project are things that also count when carrying out an idea. If these rules or barriers did not exist, I would put my thousand ideas for you right now on the web.

It should be noted that to all of these products could also add the membership system, by which extra features are granted to users who acquire it for a limited time. One of them, is the access to reserved forums, in which I will talk with the users in a closer way about the work and the products of the store.

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Bedurion Designer and producer.

I am the Dreams Of Mana director. If you wish, you can visit my personal website or my social networks to know more about me.

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