Those who have just met me and the Dreams Of Mana saga may be somewhat confused about who develops the products, such as books, games, series, comics, clothing, etc … Well, I thought it appropriate to create a note to clarify that doubt.

Each and every one of the products are designed by me (Bedurion), but I just can’t do all the work, obviously, that’s why a team of people is also responsible of the products development. Quickly explained, I write the books, make the script of the series or design the game rules, while TaleWare team does the rest.

1. Books

If we look at the books for example, I take care of writing them completely, editing and revising, while the TaleWare team is responsible for illustration, layout, translation or distribution for example.

2. Games

All the design of physical or digital games is also developed by me, but what we understand by design? Well, the rules that make up the game and the way it is played, that is the game itself. But the illustrations or graphics, for example, are made by the TaleWare artists team, as well as the rest of the tasks that make the product reach your homes as well as the books (layout, translation …).

3. Series

The series is the animated content that we will offer in the future. The scripts run from my account!

4. Comics

As in the series, the script is developed by me, but the illustrations are from several different artists hired by TaleWare.

5. Other products

In other products such as merchandising, we produce it together.

6. About TaleWare

It should also be noted that TaleWare will publish more products apart from Dreams Of Mana, in some I will participate too and in others I only perform supervision tasks. I could say that Dreams Of Mana is the only set of products in which my participation is 100%, that is, the whole story of the saga, characters, games, and a long etc are designed entirely by me.

TaleWare for its part is an entertainment company created by me that maintains the same level of quality as Dreams Of Mana in its products, so if you like what is presented on this website, it is very probable that you’ll like more TaleWare products.

About the author

Bedurion Designer and producer.

I am the Dreams Of Mana director. If you wish, you can visit my personal website or my social networks to know more about me.

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