As we could see, on the web and more specifically in the online store section a new product has appeared that allows it to be bought before it is manufactured. But what does this mean exactly?

1. Support products

This means that you can buy a product in advance before it is produced. When you enter the product page you will see the required amount required to produce it and the money raised until today. Each user who acquires it will be contributing the total of their purchase in advance to the creation of the product. When the collection counter reaches 100%, the product will begin to be produced after being sent to all users who purchased it in advance.

Contribute more money than the product costs

By default the system will assign a minimum to support the product. That minimum is what the product will cost in the store when it is available. With your contribution you will be buying the product in advance and you will receive it when it is produced. But if you want to contribute more you can do it, just indicate to the system that you want to contribute more money by modifying the default number. You can always contribute more but never less.

2. Rewards

The first of all and the most important is to receive the product as soon as it is finished. If you support the campaign then you will be the first to receive it at home in case it is a physical product, of course, if you do not receive it in your web account.

On the other hand, you will receive the membership time just at the moment you make the contribution. Depending on the product this subscription time will change.

You will also get achievements and multiple points for your account that will increase your level and recognition in the community.

3. Terms

Before making any purchase you must read the conditions carefully. In this type of purchase, first of all, you should keep in mind that the product will not be delivered until the necessary funds have been produced and the production process is finished. This means that the exact delivery date is unknown and this can vary from months to years. You should be clear that you are willing to wait as long as it takes, if it is not better than compressing the product once it is available in the store in a normal way.

We should also keep in mind that it is possible that your shipping address may change during the fundraising and production process. In this case you should be aware and update the data when the product is ready for us to send it correctly. You will receive a reminder email and if we see that there are no real changes we will understand that the address remains the same.

4. Conclusion

This system is great for products to be produced successfully, however it has some drawbacks such as waiting time. In Dreams Of Mana they will be used to cover the production costs of products that require a large investment cost, such as board games, video games, animated series, comics, etc.

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