After a long time, my personal web page is finally finished! It is an excellent way to follow all my work (including those that do not include Dreams Of Mana saga). On my website I will only publish books in digital and physical format, for products such as games or clothes, you should go to the corresponding websites if they exists, although for now the only book that has extra products is the Dreams Of Mana saga.

As I said on my website you will find all my books including those that do not belong to Dreams Of Mana. There you can also buy them by the same way you do here. I invite you to visit as it is the perfect way to know other of my stories that I have for you. In addition the web has a blog in which there will be a special focus on me.

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Bedurion Designer and producer.

I am the Dreams Of Mana director. If you wish, you can visit my personal website or my social networks to know more about me.

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