Creating an account in Dreams Of Mana is completely free. However there is the option to pay for a membership time. This payment is totally optional, and it is not necessary to navigate on the web, participate, buy products or receive support.

1. Characteristics of membership time

Special content of the web

There are certain parts of the web that remain hidden. Thanks to the membership time you can access them. You will wonder what they are. Well, there are some that are secret, while others we can reveal quietly. Members with membership time can access forums in which the TaleWare team and the authors will contribute with their comments much more regularly than in the rest. These are sections in which users stay in contact more closely with the development team: authors, web staff, translators … When we speak about authors we refer to Bedurion (author of the Dreams Of Mana saga), and all those artists who have participated in Dreams Of Mana (artists as illustrators, musicians, designers, etc).

Be the first to discover new products and reserve them

Thanks to the membership time you can be the first to access the purchase page of some products. This will allow you to have the opportunity to be among the first to reserve the product that you have been waiting for for long time. All the products in our store are physical, so they require a manufacturing and shipping time. Being the first to make a pre-purchase, you will receive the product in your home much sooner than the rest.

Secret pages

Discover on your own secret sections on the web, which will explain part of the Dreams Of Mana story. Some are easy to discover, while others must dig a little more or reach enough achievements or levels to access.

Experience and achievements

With your membership, you will receive extra experience and also accumulate points for your achievements, which will show the rest of the community how much you have contributed with your membership and for how long.

News on the blog to inform you

You will also receive news that other users without membership time can see. You are informed of new products, news, changes and everything related to the benefits of your membership time.

More features will be announced in the future. Visit our blog to stay informed.

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