We hope you are having a great vacation just like us. Although we are aware that the holiday period is not the same for everyone, here in Europe it is time for rest!

We had thought that it would be good to write a post to inform users of what is coming shortly:

1. Forums

Finally we will put at your disposal the perfect tool to maintain communication between Dreams Of Mana users and developers. You can share your experiences, opinions, ideas or suggestions with the rest!

2. Store

We will prepare the web for the arrival of the first products, so in the coming months you will see an update that will include an online store on the web. The first products that you will have at your disposal will be a novel in paper and digital format, and also a card game in physical format. Shipments will be available first in Europe and then in the rest of the world. Depending on the country in which you reside, the shipping price will vary. If shipping is a problem for you, we recommend the digital versions of the products (if available). Once purchased, these versions will be available from the website within your account, that is, they will not be downloadable files, but you will access them from the website. For example, if you buy a novel, you can read it from the web. This is done to prevent illegal copying of digital products. Although we know that these methods do not reduce illegal copying to 100%, they do help a lot. Those users who buy on the official website will be able to access discounts, and exclusive areas, in addition to receiving points and medals that they can show to other users or redeem in future events. Our goal is to take maximum care of our customers.

3. Date of updates

We cannot give an exact date of when these updates will be available, but we can assure you that they will be very soon. It is very likely that the forums are available first and then the online store. Do not hesitate to continue visiting the website to keep you informed!

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