From TaleWare we wish you happy holidays and happy Halloween 2019! We would have loved to prepare an event but it was not possible due to lack of time. We have been very busy working on the web and establishing contacts with artists who will contribute their work to the saga (on the credits page you can see them all). The good news is that before the end of the year we will have a closed Alpha phase available to the public of Dreams Of Mana! And although it is not available to everyone, it is still good news, since it means that everything is moving at a good pace and that it will soon reach a state of public Alpha.

Keep visiting the web on a regular basis to find out all the news! You can create an account for free and participate with your comments in each news or directly in the forums (whose design is yet to be finalized but they are already working). The creation of an account is free and during the testing phase of Dreams Of Mana it will not be necessary to acquire membership time to leave comments on news or forums!

In addition, we are distributing closed Alphas to those users who have been participating from the beginning on the web. Cheer up! You could be next.

Happy Halloween 2019 to all again. Take care.

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TaleWare is the entertainment team responsible of Dreams Of Mana saga and other websites.

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7 Replies to “Happy Halloween 2019!”

  • Veritas 5 months ago

    The truth is that all authors who participate with you are authentic quality professionals!! I love their illustrations!!😮

  • Breit 5 months ago

    I’m in that test and it looks good. But we are not allowed to say anything about the details, that is all I can say.

    • Francis 5 months ago

      In case you are selected where you receive the invitation? Thank you.

      • Bedurion 5 months ago

        You receive the invitation in your profile (messages section). Also you will receive an email with instructions, but your key will always inside your profile, not on the email. Regards.

  • Miri 5 months ago

    Your illustrators are really nice. When I saw the images on the homepage I was surprised!