The forums will be the perfect tool to maintain communication with the rest of the users of the Dreams Of Mana community. In addition, the content creators will also participate, maintaining a closer contact with the users. However, currently the forums are in development. We are working hard to ensure that their quality is excellent and available as soon as possible.

1. Organization

We will create different sections in which users can share their experiences with Dreams Of Mana. They will be focused on each aspect of the website and on every category product: News, books, board games, comics, cards, dices, store, story of the saga, cups, clothes, etc. In addition to other sections that will include community events or news feedback for example. The forums are an excellent way to know the opinion of the rest of the community, and know what is the value of the products or Dreams Of Mana in general.

2. Levels

Participating in the forums will grant experience points. This means that users will increase their level as they write messages. This scoring system will reward the most active users in the community with a higher level that will remain in view of all. This level will be permanent and can only be increased, this means that in no case will a user lower the level.

Responding to a topic will grant a certain number of points. Therefore users who collaborate to create an active community will be represented by a higher level, something that part of the visual could include special sections on the website of restricted access, extra permits and gifts, as well as recognition of the community.

Any other action that is not responding to a topic will not grant experience points. For example, creating a new theme will not award points, but responding to a theme already created will grant.

3. Rules in the forums

The forums follow the guidelines of the rules dictated on the page of terms of service. Users wishing to participate must abide by the regulations and respect the rules of community cohabitation clarified on the page.

Evade these rules could end in the prohibition to use the forums temporarily or permanently, in the total blockade of the account during a specific time or with the resolution of this definitively. All these points remain explained in the terms of service.

4. Availability Date

Unfortunately we can not provide an exact date when the forums will be available. However, we can assure you that it will be soon. The forums are a fundamental pillar of this community and we want to give them the importance and the quality they deserve.

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