A little history

I have been working on this project since 2005, however it was not until ten years after everything came true. During that period I was working on designing the fundamental pillars of the saga: the story, the universe, the characters, and all the keys that make Dreams Of Mana different. Finally, I gathered everything I had and I was proud of the result I got. It has not been an easy road, because several difficulties have been presented to me, but the important thing is that today I am here, with everything ready to show you at last the story of Dreams Of Mana.

However I would like to emphasize for those who have been waiting for so long, in why it has been worth the wait. Dreams Of Mana is not a simple book that you write and publish on the internet or by the hand of a publisher. It is not at all this. It’s a great project, a great saga, and therefore it requires a lot more work. For those who still do not know, I am Bedurion, its author, and from the first moment it was clear to me that if I did this I would do it in a big way. I would not settle for writing a book about this story, I wanted to make a complete saga. That was my dream and my illusion.

You will find stories that have been written on the fly. Dreams Of Mana is not like that. Everything is in my head from the first moment. I know how this saga begins and how it ends (if it ends), and believe me that gives me a huge advantage at the time of writing each chapter. Although the books have not been edited yet, I already know how they are going to be.

But this was not everything for me. I wanted my saga to reach the screens, videogames, comics, animated series, board games, cards … A great community on the internet and a web page from which to gather us all. I knew that Dreams Of Mana had the potential to achieve that, but I also knew that the road would be long and laborious.

Today, as a result of all the waiting time, you can see the official website. And in a short time the first book will be available. Step by step products will be published in the store and you will be able to look how Dreams Of Mana progresses. Remember that all products will be physical and that they will be available exclusively in the store of the web.

For those who still do not know me, my pseudonym is Bedurion. My identity in public has never been revealed nor will it be. People have known me with this name on the Internet for many years and Bedurion.com is my personal website. TaleWare is the team that supports this great project of which I am the leader in its management.

Welcome! And do not forget to visit this official website of Dreams Of Mana to be up to date with all the news.

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Bedurion Designer and producer.

I am the Dreams Of Mana director. If you wish, you can visit my personal website or my social networks to know more about me.

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