We have removed the quests and bag sections from the menu since we thought it was better to optimize the gaming experience. We want you not to leave the reading at any time, and this past system was doing you to consult the menu too many times to see the active quests or the objects obtained was something that prevented you from completely immersing yourself in the reading.

So you no longer have to worry about collecting objects and go to the menu to consult them. Your level will determine your power and ability to overcome enemies and access different places.

As for the quest, now the challenge to complete them will be greater. You should pay close attention to reading, understand it and find out how to solve each quest without the help of a monitoring panel. We think that the real challenge of Dreams Of Mana is to find the key to solve each of the different quests that are in the game, all of them elaborated and very different from the previous one.

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4 Replies to “Changes in quest list and bag”

  • Veritas 4 months ago

    We continue waiting for view your job finalized! Come on guys!!

    • Jari 4 months ago

      Patience! We have the website, and in a very near time we will have forums. The world content will be released in parts to not make users waiting more time. Don’t forget that actually some people are reading the beta and testing the web system. And for me, the design and the quality are very nice

  • Miri 4 months ago

    Good decision! I don’t want to be constantly looking at the menu or buying armor in the store, that system was a bit confusing. It’s better this way