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The authorship of Dreams Of Mana

Those who have just met me and the Dreams Of Mana saga may be somewhat confused about who develops the products, such as books, games, series, comics, clothing, etc … Well, I thought it appropriate to create a note to clarify that doubt. Each and every one of the products are designed by me (Bedurion), but I just can’t do […]


We hope you are having a great vacation just like us. Although we are aware that the holiday period is not the same for everyone, here in Europe it is time for rest! We had thought that it would be good to write a post to inform users of what is coming shortly: 1. Forums Finally we will put at […]

Membership features and prices

Creating an account in Dreams Of Mana is completely free. However there is the option to pay for a membership time. This payment is totally optional, and it is not necessary to navigate on the web, participate, buy products or receive support. 1. Characteristics of membership time Special content of the web There are certain parts of the web that […]

Creating Dreams Of Mana since 2005

A little history I have been working on this project since 2005, however it was not until ten years after everything came true. During that period I was working on designing the fundamental pillars of the saga: the story, the universe, the characters, and all the keys that make Dreams Of Mana different. Finally, I gathered everything I had and […]