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Advance of the card game design

Here you have the definitive design of what will be the next Dreams Of Mana card game. We are working on 3 different card games at the same time, and they are from the same saga. The design that you will see below corresponds to the one that with almost total security will see the light first. As you can […]

The products I’m working on

I would like to tell you about the products that I have in mind and in which I am working to take them to the store on the web. By this I mean books, board games, comics, clothes, mugs, posters, figures and other merchandising objects. There will be more in the future, but for now we will stick to these. […]

Forums and community

The forums will be the perfect tool to maintain communication with the rest of the users of the Dreams Of Mana community. In addition, the content creators will also participate, maintaining a closer contact with the users. However, currently the forums are in development. We are working hard to ensure that their quality is excellent and available as soon as […]

Membership features and prices

Creating an account in Dreams Of Mana is completely free. However there is the option to pay for a membership time. This payment is totally optional, and it is not necessary to navigate on the web, participate, buy products or receive support. Characteristics of membership time Special content of the web There are certain parts of the web that remain […]

Creating Dreams Of Mana since 2005

A little history I have been working on this project since 2005, however it was not until ten years after everything came true. During that period I was working on designing the fundamental pillars of the saga: the story, the universe, the characters, and all the keys that make Dreams Of Mana different. Finally, I gathered everything I had and […]