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a fantasy saga

You have discovered an original online reading game!

What is?

Dreams Of Mana is an original online reading game, and it’s based on a fantasy and fiction saga that will completely surprise you.

Big great story

An addictive fantasy plot that will intrigue you and make you think.

Deep heroes

Each hero is different and has its own detailed story.

Different worlds

Even several worlds with other races and rules are involved.

Combined themes

Futuristic, magical or contemporary themes mixed.

How do you play?

You play at the same time you read. During your reading you must complete quests deciphering his riddles, understanding the story and taking decisions.
Each quest is different. To solve them, you must not only meet certain requirements, you must also read to understand how to fix the problems that are shown.
Once you understand the quest you must take decisions. Browse the web as an online digital book visiting those pages where you think your goal is hidden.
But be careful, it will not be easy to complete your objectives, you must find the right way to solve each quest, facing creatures, traps, mysteries and other difficulties.

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Learn with the guides

Delve deeper into the rules of the game. Starting to play the Dreams Of Mana reading game may be confusing for some. Don’t worry, our guides will help you understand it perfectly.


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