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For the first time a game and a book merge to create a new product! Play Dreams Of Mana on any device and join the readable fantasy adventure game.

What is Dreams Of Mana?

Dreams Of Mana is a roleplaying gamebook based on a fantastic universe. Players can join and play easily trought the website.

Simple to use

Intuitive design and interface. You will never miss!

Take decisions

You decide the course of the story in your reading adventure.

Playable reading

Make quests, explore maps or defend yourself from monsters!

Cool community

Share and play your adventures with other users.

How does it work​


Select the mission you want to play and complete the chain in order. Each group of missions is equivalent to a book!


Scroll through maps completing the objectives of each mission. Explore cities, towns, caves, dungeons, fields, mountains and much more. You decide where you move in each moment.


Face your enemies through a combat system based on exclusive abilities for each character you control.


The multiverse is full of objects and materials. You can collect and save them, many will serve you to improve and continue your adventure quests successfully.

Take a better look

Here is a series of articles that explain in more detail how Dreams Of Mana is and how it is played. Do not hesitate to read them if you want to know the mechanics of play and reading.

Quality, trust and safety

Users are highly satisfied with the quality of the product, the web security, and the expertise of the support team. You can check by yourself visiting the different sections of the community.

Community members

Some of the users of the community who enjoy Dreams Of Mana to the fullest. Do not hesitate to visit their profiles and meet them!

Membership plans

To enjoy the full version of Dreams Of Mana, it is necessary to acquire a membership time.