a fantasy saga

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What is?

Dreams Of Mana it’s a saga based on a fantastic universe with a huge background behind that will completely surprise you.

Big great story

An addictive fantasy plot that will intrigue you and make you think.

Deep characters

Each character is different and has its own detailed story.

Different worlds

Even several Worlds with other races and rules are involved.

Combined themes

Futuristic, magical or contemporary themes mixed.

Our products

The story of the saga is divided in each book. The best way to discover it is reading all of them.

Take control of Dreams Of Mana characters and complete quests in board, card and dice games.

The comics deepen in a more visual way in some plots, like character stories for example.

Clothes, cups, coasters, figures, posters and many other items of your favorite saga. Let others discover your passion!

Take a better look

Below you will find a series of articles dedicated especially to newcomers. They go deeper into what and how is Dreams Of Mana. Do not hesitate to read them.

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